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Donor information

General criteria for plasma donors

  • any healthy person aged 18 years at least
  • at least 50 kg, max. 150 kg body weight
  • mental and bodily health

Persons suffering from the following health problems for example are not suitable plasma donors:

  • epilepsy
  • an infection with hepatitis B or C
  • an HIV virus infection
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
  • alcoholism or drug abuse
  • or if a pregnancy has been noticed

The suitability of the donor is checked by an anamnesis form, a medical examination and extensive laboratory diagnoses confirmed directly in the donor centre.

Your first visit to the plasma centre

Come along to the donor centre during opening hours, or make a first appointment by phone.

Please bring the following documents along with you on your first visit:

  • valid photo ID document (passport, driving license)
  • residence registration form

Please report to the reception. You will receive all the information you need here and also give your personal data. After this you will have a personal interview with our doctor who will take a small sample of your blood. This health check is made to see if you are a suitable plasma donor.

After about one week the results of your examination will be available and you can now donate plasma – if your state of health and your blood / laboratory values are in order.

The best thing is to fix your next donation appointment after your plasma donation session. Please cancel any appointments you cannot keep by phone so as to give another donor an opportunity to make a donation. Because every plasma donation serves the production of life-saving pharmaceutical products.

Donation frequency

A healthy person can give the highest plasma quantity of 700 ml:

  • within 72 hours 1x,
  • within 7 days 2x,
  • within 14 days 3x and
  • 50x within the individual donor year.

The body replaces all the components of plasma that is donated within 48 hours. 

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